Ein Mail an die Europäischen Grünen

Dear European Green Party,  

I am writing to you as a green voting, energy- and climate aware EU citizen, who is feeling the urge to further the discourse and action in this topic.  

The ETS is the most powerful approach to guarantee a desired emissions reduction pathway available. While still being flawed, it recently showed its might by nearly pricing German lignite electric power generation out of the market.  

Reading your website https://europeangreens.eu , I don’t find it even mentioned. Also on your partner site https://www.greens-efa.eu/en/, a search for “ETS” or “LRF” (for linear reduction factor) does not yield anything concrete.  

In this context, I would suggest the following targets to be pursued, with the first point being the most important:

  1. Increase the rate of emissions reduction from 2.2 to 2.8 % (from2008-2013 mean) or 60.500.000 p.a. Without this, carbon neutrality in 2050 cannot be achieved. It is even recommendable to reduce emissions faster first and then ease reduction towards the end, because the last 10 % are much harder to achieve than the first.
  2. Provide for a partial per capita payback of the money stream to avoid hitting the poor inacceptably hard.
  3. Integrate all fuels into the ETS, including aircraft and ship fuel, by treating big fuel providers like any other energy sector GHG emitter. (Avoid double paying for fuel by “attaching” the allowances to the bought fuel.) This would at once care for all transport and heating emissions, which are currently an untackled problem. Aviation treaties would have to be revised for this, one sidedly if must be.
  4. Require emission allowances for imported goods. Allow those to be foreign allowances or emission taxes in case the foreign system is comparable to the EU system. (Allowances are better than tariffs, because the system is then simpler and more monolithic. )

I feel, that such categorical thoughts from an outsider are always kind of embarassing. The more as from the outside, I cannot see the internal discourse and all the nittygritty related to the context.  

Please consider those thoughts nonetheless. Probably part of them are already part of your policy. Especially point 1. is of importance, as without the LRF increase, the 2050-zero-goal will not be reached. A stronger cap decrease will push the certificate price up and give the ETS its teeth.  

Respectfully yours  …

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