PVT – the Hidden Solar Trump Card

Als großer Fan von kombinierten PV + Solarthermie – Modulen mal das hier:


An Amsterdam houseboat owner has installed PVT panels on the deck of his ship, which feeds a heat-pump.

Most people associate solar power with photo-voltaic solar panels, not in the least because of spectacular price decline, with panels of 100 x 160 cm and 300 Watt, costing 100-150 euro.

That wasn’t always the case. The solar revolution started with thermal solar collectors, used for tap water heating, when astronomically priced panels were reserved mostly for space exploration. Increasingly, people begin to understand that both functions can very well be combined. Solar panels are black, meaning that they are energetically „black bodies“, meaning that they absorb almost all solar radiation, go to good old Max Planck for the physics details. That solar radiation can be used both for electricity and heat generation.

Modern, commercial solar panels have an efficiency of 20% or more, thermal collectors much higher. Enter „photovoltaic…

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