Saudi Green Hydrogen Pipe Dreams

Kurze treffende Charakterisierung der Deutschen Pläne zum Thema Wasserstoff. Ein Aspekt fehlt jedoch noch: Treibstoffe für Schiffe und Flugzeuge. Saudi-Arabien baut am roten Meer eine gigantische Fabrik für solares Ammoniak. Ammoniak wurde kürzlich von Maersk als Schiffstreibstoff der Zukunft gewählt.


Abu Dhabi 2 GW, 1.24 Eurocent/kWh solar power plant. Electricity is already dirt cheap, „too cheap to meter“. The largest cost factor is amortization of the required electrolyzers.

Based on the fact that it is not possible to generate a cheaper kWh than with photo-voltaic solar in the desert (currently 1.24 cent/kWh), Saudi plans to become a major hydrogen deliverer to Europe are entirely realistic. Not sure about that pipeline though. Route? Alternatively, hydrogen could be transported by ship or converted into a storage form that is easier to handle.

However, the idea to produce cheap hydrogen in the desert, should be promoted. It is the cornerstone of the German hydrogen strategy, to concentrate on producing electrolyzer equipment and leave the production of hydrogen to those countries that can produce hydrogen in the cheapest way. Note that a solar panel generates roughly twice as much electricity in the desert as…

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