„Unclear Where all the Lithium Will Come From“

Base line: the number of cars has to decrease – a lot. Just replacing every ICE car by a battery one seems to just not work.


Prognosticated EV-PHEV-cars until 2023

Roland Berger consultant Wolfgang Bernhart is skeptical that lithium, copper, nickel and other resources will be available in sufficient quantities to enable the enormous ambitions of European car companies to abandon the ICE as quickly as possible and transition towards batteries.

International competitiveness ranking e-vehicles. Europe wins with numbers, China in price, South-Korea in battery technology.

Herr Bernhart is right in identifying the resource depletion problem, but he doesn’t provide a solution. Because his automotive clients will not be interested in the „solution“, namely that the global car culture has no future. There will unlikely be 1 billion e-vehicles, replacing the current 1 billion ICEs.

The good news is: there is no need for 1 billion e-vehicles, as two new developments will make most private car mobility superfluous:

1) IT-communication
2) autonomous driving

The Covid pandemic has shown that it is possible to keep the economy…

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Ein Gedanke zu “„Unclear Where all the Lithium Will Come From“

  1. two new developments will make most private car mobility superfluous:

    1) IT-communication


    2) autonomous driving? individually?? really???

    better bet on public transport;-)

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